Choosing Your Offer - Wednesday Workshop

00:00:43 Other People's Offers

00:02:40 Reason to get out of bed

00:03:42 In line with your purpose

00:05:14 Moving to a bigger result than myself

00:05:59 Evaluate people's offers

00:07:22 Q & A

This week, we're going to talk about choosing your offer. And I want to start off with talking about other people's offers or OPO, like other people's money.

And why they didn't always work for me why and how they do now and how they can work for you. And how to tell if you are someone is in love with your offer and why that's not necessarily a good thing.

So my struggle starting out was other people's offers just didn't always work for me. I mean, they sounded good, I'm sure they, they are good, most of them that I looked at, but I just wasn't into them.

And so the passion wasn't there, the purpose for me wasn't there to really commit to that. And in fact, I didn't. So what I found was that if I would look for offers that were more in line with what I wanted to do my purpose, so to speak, the results that I wanted to, to deliver to come up with, for me and the people that I worked with, is, that gave me a lot more motivation to work on it to get it done.

So I did a lot better I got a lot further. Now, you know, I, you can I and you can put addon’s to those, you can pick up those other people's offers as you go. But for me, it was I had to start with my purpose if my personal bias wasn't in line with my offer, as Grant Cardone said, I was destined to fail at it.

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