Things Happen For You, Not To You – Mike Vaughn

00:01:44 70% to 80% success rate

00:03:01 Karma, things happen for you, not to you

00:04:58 I'm sold on residual income

00:05:40 Straight commission

00:06:33 I've become a fan of the law of attraction

00:07:11 The Fab Five

00:10:18 I'm a guy that has to constantly learning

00:11:34 Eight ways to create and pivot pivot during a pandemic

00:15:20 Freedom of choice



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Tad Stephens is the SCORE Denver Marketing Chapter Chair and Certified SCORE Volunteer Mentor helping small businesses in the Denver Colorado area navigate online and local marketing issues to grow their business. For more information on SCORE and who we server please visit https://denver.score.org/

Tad’s non-volunteer work focuses on direct response Internet Marketing for his and others online businesses including Executive, Business and Life Coaches, as well as Speakers, Entrepreneurs and those with a message to turn into an automated Intellectual Property offer. For more please visit https://www.acceleratedfunnels.com/

As well as providing Continuing Professional Education (CPE) to Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) since 2004 at https://www.cpethink.com/

When not volunteering or earning a living hanging with family, alpine skiing, travel, local theatre are usually on the calendar. If you would like to schedule a time with Tad to chat please go to http://talktotad.us and pick a time that works for you.